Dirt Art Management Team

Since its inception in 2008, Dirt Art’s footprint has expanded rapidly, with established bases formed across Australia and New Zealand, each with a dedicated management structure.

The flexible and scalable Dirt Art trail crew often consists of some 30 staff, operating in parallel streams on an international basis. Central to the company’s success is the qualified leadership of Managing Director, Simon French; an ever-present thought leader in the global mountain biking community for some fifteen years, Simon is widely recognised as the driving force behind some of Australia’s most renowned trail facilities.



Simon French - Managing Director

Simon French
Managing Director

Simon is a stalwart of the Australian mountain bike industry, having worked across a range of areas including, tourism, retail, and events. Forming Dirt Art in 2008 allowed the pursuit of Simon’s true passion; the development of unique, exciting, and innovative mountain bike experiences. Heading up one of Australia’s earliest – and now largest – professional trail companies, Simon has played a leading role in the ongoing development of the industry in Australia, and continues to this day to support the exponential growth of the mountain bike trail industry across Australasia.

With a hands-on history designing and constructing numerous large scale trail projects Simon has developed a unique and refined skill-set across all areas of trail consultancy, design, construction and management. As a project manager, and backed by highly-skilled Dirt Art teams, Simon frequently project manages multiple, concurrent trail projects spread across the world.

As an extremely passionate rider, Simon regularly travels the world seeking out iconic riding experiences- building an invaluable level of experience in world-leading mountain bike trail design, construction and management practices.

Luke Chiu, Dirt Art's General Manager
Luke Chiu
General Manager

Luke has a long history in government sport and recreation management and natural resource management roles, finishing his government tenure as a state manager with Sport and Recreation Tasmania. Luke has a bachelor of environmental science, with honours in mountain bike management, providing experience that is invaluable in the trail industry.

Luke manages Dirt Art’s general operations, while also playing a role across project management, and consulting.

An avid rider, Luke has an all-mountain riding background.

Damian Stones - NZ Operations Manager

Damian Stones
NZ Operations Manager

Damian has been involved in the mountain bike industry in New Zealand since the early 1990s, and has spearheaded a number of mountain bike developments across the South Island.  As a qualified landscape architect, Damian has an extensive history in concept and master planning across a range of mountain bike-specific and broad landscape planning areas.

An avid trail rider, who loves epic back-country mountain bike experiences, Damian’s passion is an invaluable asset to the Dirt Art team.

Lauren French - Business Manager

Lauren French
Business Manager

Lauren is the driving force behind Dirt Art’s general business management, playing a diverse role across a number of areas, including logistics, project management, accounting, administration and consulting.  With a Masters of Business Administration from UTAS, Lauren has the skills and experience to support Dirt Art’s fast-paced and constantly evolving project workload.  Dirt Art is one of few trail companies in the world with dedicated, full-time office support, which is a key driver behind the company’s global agility.

A passionate rider herself, Lauren has travelled the world riding a range of iconic trails.