Trail Consultancy

Planning and strategy are at the foundation of all successful and sustainable projects, regardless of their scale. Over the last six years, Dirt Art has formed a comprehensive and robust trail consultancy model, spanning initial conceptualisation through to strategic master planning.

Our established relationships with leading governmental bodies, as well as key public and private land managers, ensures we approach planning projects with long-term sustainability in mind, delivering holistic outcomes with purpose and accountability.

Defining an early-stage concept is crucial to the eventual success of a project, whether it be a small local-level facility, or a multi-million dollar trail destination development. Dirt Art is a market-leader in developing and establishing a range of trail and facility concepts, designed specifically for each site and its client’s objectives.

Dirt Art offers a complete trail concept development service, including concept trail design, concept master planning, landscape architecture and CAD design and modeling.

As mountain bike trail development becomes bigger business, and the mountain bike tourism market continues its exponential growth, public and private investment in the sector will continue to grow.  With increased investment, there is mounting importance in ensuring that a concept is viable in both a functional and a financial sense.

Dirt Art offers a complete feasibility analysis service including:

  • Development and maintenance cost estimates;
  • Commercial viability;
  • Monetisation potential;
  • Expected visitation modeling;
  • Economic impact modeling.

Dirt Art is one of the few companies in the world offering a comprehensive mountain bike-specific trail master planning service.  Utilising an approach tailor-made for each site and client, Dirt Art trail master plans provide a structured pathway towards truly world-class trail destinations.  Dirt Art follows a comprehensive process, which includes:

  • Analysis of the current availability of trails;
  • Inventory and assessment of current trails;
  • Public consultation;
  • Gap analysis to determine key areas for proposed development;
  • Concept or detailed design of new proposed trails and infrastructure;
  • Extensive recommendations around development and ongoing management options.

The above is intended as a brief guide only, with each master plan structure to meet client and project needs.

Dirt Art has industry-leading experience in trail-specific public consultation strategy and implementation, having worked extensively with a range of clients around Australia for the past seven years.  Dirt Art has proven market-specific strategies to promote inclusion and to build community stewardship around a project.

Dirt Art has worked extensively with conflicting groups, and is an expert in conflict resolution and mediation in both public and private settings.

Dirt Art was one of the first companies to offer a mountain bike-specific trail auditing service, and continues to lead the industry with innovative and effective auditing processes.  Dirt Art offers a range of auditing services from high-level difficulty grading and works prioritisation audits, through to detailed works specification auditing.

Dirt Art audit documents are clear, concise and functional, while providing real-world budgets for works.

Dirt Art understands the importance of volunteer involvement in many trail construction and maintenance projects, but also recognises the many issues often associated with volunteer constructed and/or managed trails.

Dirt Art has developed a number of proprietary processes to assist in the ongoing management of volunteer trail care groups and individuals. These processes focus on retaining control over safety and quality, while empowering and supporting volunteers to engage in sustainable trail care and construction.

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